Unfortunately, just like so many great figures in Portuguese history, society and culture, there is still a great lack of knowledge of the life and work of Padre Manuel Antunes in Portugal In order to rectify this, raise maximum curiosity and maximum interest of the general public and to garner as audience as wide as possible, an exhibition has been devised about the life and work of Padre Manuel Antunes.

This is a travelling exhibition, composed of 12 panels, with great educational focus, and designed primarily for a younger audience. The exhibition is split into ten parts, which accompanies Padre Manuel Antunes’ journey through life and sheds some light on his work.

Given his open, inclusive and creative nature, this exhibition adapts to different ways of reading and it is adaptable to different types of public space. Also, it is suited to older audiences, and for this reason it can be exhibited in museums and in institutions dedicated to historical and cultural studies and promoting cultural events, in libraries, etc.


Exposição Itinerante Padre Manuel Antunes, sj – Pedagogo da Democracia
Tlm.: (00351) 96 99 777 02


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Rua dos Três Concelhos, lote 5, Bairro dos Marinheiros
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